Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rhode Island High School Fires All of its Teachers

In a bold move, Superintendent Frances Gallo fired every single teacher from Central Falls High School, one of the worst-performing schools in the state. Gallo had offered the teachers a plan to improve school performance, which included a 25-minute longer school day, increased tutoring, eating lunch with the students, and a summer training course. The school offered the teachers an additional $30 per hour for the additional work.

The teachers' union rejected the plan because they wanted $90 per hour. So Gallo fired all of them. (It should also be pointed out that R.I. teachers' average salary is already higher than the national average.) US Education Secretary Arne Duncan applauded the superintendent.

So do I. This story represents yet more evidence that teachers' unions are destroying education in America. It's about time somebody stood up to them.

While not directly related to the theme of this blog (politicization of science), this story illustrates that science education in America is affected by teachers' unions. If students are failing, the teachers need to be held accountable.

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